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There are No Mistakes in Life

If any of you are struggling with a challenging time in your life, having regrets, kicking yourself for something you wish you had done differently, or blaming yourself. You are not alone. I understand and plenty of us are going through our own challenges. It gave me hope reading this that there are no mistakes in life.

We have to push through as hard as it is, to keep working on improving the situation and make things better and have hope things will be better.

I hope this gives you comfort and things improve with whatever difficulties you are facing.


One sunny day, I was driving along thinking of all the things that could have been but never were. You know how it is, reminiscing about the past, playing things out differently in your head. Fantasizing what might have been, what should have been or what you could have done better. My mind soon turned to the more negative events of my life, or what I perceived to be negative. I was thinking back to mistakes I felt I’d made, wishing them to be different, feeling regret. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted – no, they were overdubbed – by an intrusion. The intrusion (of unknown source, as I was alone) quite loudly and clearly stated:

There are no mistakes.

Wow. I have most definitely been told. Whilst I often chatter away to guides, spirit and angels, and my life is full of signs, intuitions and messages, I have never quite been shouted at in that manner. I guess some divine something felt it was important that I heard that and took it on board!

I love that philosophy. Let’s see it again: There are no mistakes. (Click to tweet)

Well, that is a relief! This feeds wonderfully into the belief that everything happens for a reason and that all things good, bad and indifferent serve a purpose in our personal and spiritual growth.

The fact that there are no mistakes can be a hard one to fathom, particularly if you are in the midst of feeling regret, guilt or sorrowful for some past action. I am sure there have been times in your life when you have held your head in your hands and cursed your own name for something that you have said or done.

In living by the mantra that nothing is a mistake, we do not vindicate ourselves from responsibility, but instead we can intelligently seek out the meaning behind our actions and their repercussions. No matter how misguided they may seem, or how much regret we feel, we can utilize our mistakes as a valuable opportunity. Mistakes are simply fresh chances for us to learn.

Do not misunderstand me. Regret is a real thing. Regret is a struggle and a torture that can summon up a lifetime of misery. If only…? What if…? Perhaps if I had…? Regret is real, because like so many other human thoughts, we attach ourselves to it, we make it a part of our persona and we exhaust ourselves mentally by almost becoming it. But whilst it is real, it is also not real. It is a perspective. Perspective can be shifted.

I believe that as little sparks of soul in a human body we are duty bound to shift our perspective. We must take those regrets and alleged mistakes and change them into something else, something more positive. This is true for all negative emotions: fear, sadness, pain, anger, stress, despair, depression and delusion.

We must realize that these negative thoughts and their associated emotions result from our own minds. No matter what terrible choices we have made, or what horrible events have befallen us, we have the choice to grieve for these for the rest of our time here. Or, alternatively we must find a way to cope.

And in my mind, the best way to cope is to turn a tragedy into a full-scale personal revolution that leads us straight up to our personal heaven’s door.

Regret can be a huge burden on your soul. I suggest you make efforts from this day forward to live differently with your regret and your mistakes. Try to see the value in them; reframe them to see the learning that you can achieve and then release the emotion that makes you feel bad about yourself. But first this…

Take a piece of paper. Write on it everything you regret, everything you think you could have done better or differently.

Then write down your emotions about this, how it makes you feel about yourself and the other people involved. Take this piece of paper, find a fireproof pot, go outside and burn that piece of paper. Burn it the hell up.

Maybe sit and meditate on this for a few minutes, mull it over with a cup of tea. Allow the relief and the joy to replace any old, worn, tired feelings of regret that you hold. You are now free. You are officially reframed.

You have a fresh slate – one that you can base your spirituality and your life upon. From now on look at your life through the eyes of a person determined to learn. Become a master of your existence and remember this always… There Are No Mistakes.




Who He Chose…

It was meant to a relaxing, laid back afternoon,
enjoying coffee and sinful chocolate cake with a friend.

I walked into the tiny cafe looking for some seats.

Walking along the long wooden table, I felt punched by the walls and probably froze for a few seconds.
Right in front, I saw the guy I was crazy about.
With a girl.
and his arms around her.

I was completely caught off guard. I was not prepared to meet him.
I hadn’t heard from him in awhile and I had guessed he had met someone.
But there’s nothing like being smashed in the face with the visual of the guy you’ve been liking for over a year standing with his girlfriend.
His arms around her when you want it to be you his arms are around.

I turned around and walked out of the cafe slowly, hoping no one, including him, would notice.
Wishing I could fade into the walls, sink into the wooden floor boards and disappear.
Wishing I never walked into that cafe to see him with his new girlfriend.

Once out the door, I walked in a daze towards the small garden patch next to the cafe.
The friend I was meeting was walking to the cafe and I had to quickly revert to my smiley disposition.
A friend confirmed my sighting when she heard I’d seen him
“Oh yes! he’s got a girlfriend! It’s pretty new!”
I kept very silent and put on a poker face the entire time.

For the first few hours, I must have still been in shock and I didn’t feel much.

As the hours have worn on, the questions have surfaced and are playing on repeat in my mind.
The hurt and pain is surfacing. I’ve cried a few times.

As I cried in the shower, I yelled at myself silently: I blame myself partly.
I just screwed up a possible shot at a relationship with someone who has a lot in common.
If I wasn’t so cautious when I first met him and I showed my interest more clearly, it could be me by his side now.
Now I’ve lost a chance to find out if we are compatible, if we can have a life together.
It’s gone.

And I’m reeling in the pain and hurt that he chose someone else over me.
I just wanted us to share our common interests together, learn about other areas together and each other’s perspective, enjoy the simple things in life of reading together on a sofa, admire the view from the mountain, savor the fragrant tea.

He is the only one I’ve met who I’ve wanted to cook for and recreate his favorite childhood dish he misses. I would have experimented countless times to recreate the dish for him since the family recipe has been lost.


I admire him and love his creativity, his understated, quiet sense of humor, his brilliance.
I like him for who he is — not what he’s achieved or what he offers me.
I like him for him.

I’d so wish we could have pursued our interests together, side by side.
I wanted to edge him on and support him and encourage him to embark on his long time dream.

I wanted to have a shot at finding out if we were compatible together,
if we could have a life together.
I believe we could.

I just wanted for us to enjoy the things we had in common and incorporate the differences,
to cheer him on in his efforts, support him when things were down,
stand on his side always, love and laugh together,
make him happy, and be happy together.


Where we both feel our lives are better because we are together:
The bad days are more bearable because we have enough other,
The joys in life are more joyous because we celebrate together.
If he fell sick, I’d look after him and stay with him to lift his spirits.
I just wanted to share our life, have a fuller life, and be happier together because we had each other.
My love is sincere and genuine and that’s all I want.

I don’t know why he lost interest. Was it something I said or did?
I don’t know why he doesn’t appreciate my sincerity and everything I have to offer.
Honestly, how many people would love you for you and not because you have something to offer them?

But he chose someone else.
I’m crushed I have to admit. Completely crushed.
I shouldn’t be taking it this hard.
After all it was just a guy I had been going out with that didn’t work.
I shouldn’t be in tears or feeling this piercing pain throughout my body.

But the pain is there and it hurts like hell.
I need it to go away and I can’t bear living with this pain.
I don’t know why and what went wrong and I know I won’t get any answers.

I have a lot of love and affection for him.
I swear there was chemistry between us and there’s an attraction.
I wish we had a shot at life together.

For now, I need this pain to go away and accept I’ve lost a shot with someone I care deeply for.
I hate being collateral damage but this is life.
In life, sometimes you end up with a losing streak.
Until things improve….

Please share how you got through the pain and hurt when a person you loved chose to be with someone else.lost-love-poems2

Wanting More from Life


Gosh. How did we get to February so fast?It’s been a blur.
The project I’m working on has close to completely taken over my life and the past month.
It’s been long days, over 12 hours every day.

I know there is value in taking home a paycheck in itself

The weekends pass in a short dash and the special, prized weekend time seems to evaporate quickly without anything notable to speak of.

Sunday arrives and I feel down.
Today is one of those days I’m down and depressed.

Life can be hard enough just getting through and surviving.
The problem multiplies because I want meaning in my life,
because I have a passion,
and I want to do what I’m passionate about.

This makes life exponentially harder.
It’s hard enough finding a job to earn a decent paycheck to pay the bills,
getting through each day to just get to the weekend.
I look forward to the weekend and it whizzes by.
When you add MORE demands on your life and yourself,
including BIG ones such as
wanting your life to have purpose
and doing what you love in addition to paying the bills,
it adds more demands and stress on your life,
on my life, because I’m trying to do more with the same amount of time and there are some times I just can’t do both.

This depression set in last night when I was in bed thinking, my work has no meaning,
it doesn’t make a difference — it doesn’t make me fulfilled,
and it’s not making a difference to the world.
It’s meaningless.

The only purpose it serves is the paycheck I get in exchange for spending my hours and life doing something I see as meaningless.
I’m willing to say I may be wrong and it may benefit the world in some way — I just don’t recognize it now.

When you keep doing what feels meaningless just so you can have a paycheck... unless you're a bowling ball, then you just keep knocking your head against the wall....

When you keep doing what feels meaningless just so you can have a paycheck… unless you’re a bowling ball, then you just keep knocking your head against the wall….

Yet what would make a difference to me is something that is sufficient for me to live on.
The work I love and am passionate about, Unfortunately, doesn’t even cover my necessities.
I could work on it for hours and I feel fulfilled and happy.

Secondly, because I want to make a difference with my life, I do want to spend more time every month volunteering.
I’m in transition and I’m already having difficulty coping with this job and project so to add another demand on my time, of a monthly or biweekly volunteer activity creates further stress on me and my schedule.

What would really make you happy? Imagine if you could do that everyday, how much happier would you be?

What would really make you happy? Imagine if you could do that everyday, how much happier would you be?

I feel trapped in a state of unhappiness where I know I need to earn an income to pay the bills but doing so means I can’t do the work I love. So I’m just getting through each day, earning enough to pay the bills so I can continue for another day but devoid of the passion and joy that comes with doing what I love.
It feels like life on life support. Passing each day alive but not living life.

I don’t have a solution which makes me even more upset.

I can’t see the purpose or point of living this way.

This is when passion kills. When you know what you love but you can’t do it and it makes you miserable.

Often times, I wish I was like all these people — happy to get through life, content to have a job and earn a paycheck and accept that as life.
Not to have a passion or seek meaning in life.
Less pressure on yourself, on your time, on your life.

What do I do with the feelings of passion and desire to achieve purpose and meaning with my life?
Did you find a way to balance your job and what you love?

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