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Drown Fear

Whatever fears you having right now, drown your fear and speedboat yourself to make things better.

Whether it’s financial fears, job fears, relationship fears, family fears, think of how you can take tiny steps and 1 – 2 things to make the situation better and go do it. Start small with tiny steps and keep going and things will improve!

If it helps, share what your fears are in the comments below, what are 1 – 2 things you can do to make it better. After you have done the 1-2 things, come share how it felt.

DROWN your FEARS! Let’s do this together!!

Drown Fear!

Drown Fear!


It’s Impossible! Keep Trying!

My friend sent this video of an incredibly heart warming story about Arthur, a Veteran paratrooper injured in the Gulf war. Take 4 mins to watch it. It warmed my heart. I’m so happy for Arthur and glad there was a good yoga instructor who helped him!
I’m a huge yoga fan. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. I love doing “off the ground” aerial poses and for me it’s hard as hell to get myself off the ground.

I fall, I tumble; I have no idea how I’m possibly going to balance my whole body on my hands or 1 elbow.

The whole thing about it for me is, I just keep going. Like a toddler, I keep trying climb the bouncy castle enough though I stumble and fall and it seems impossible.
I keep repeating the process, falling and laughing (when I’m practicing in private).
When I get to the pose, it’s such incredible joy!

For me, I’m working on translating that spirit to the rest of my life: To get up every time I fall, redo and try again.
It’s work in progress. I am, my yoga is.
So, Believe you can do something, try again and again. Don’t give up.
Sending you all love and hugs!

That was the Rah Rah part.
In all honesty, I wish I was more resilient these days and better at picking myself up to try again.
I really should take my own advice cos I have some good advice (see above)
If only I could get my action brain and advice brain to partner up and fall in love rather than ignore each other.
Well, you all out there, share the video and encourage someone today. Tell them not to give up and to keep trying. If you feel someone needs it, send it to them. Hugs!
Note: Pls do not attempt yoga or any sport without a proper teacher and guidance. You can hurt yourself badly!

Starting the week on a bright note!

There have been a few conversations on twitter, youtube channels etc asking “What do you want for Christmas?” #WhatIWantForChristmas

For me, what I really want for Christmas is love. Lots of it. And it’s not cliched. I’m not just talking about the melting into the eyes of some guy love but just generally. I’d like to be and feel loved by family and friends. A guy would be a huge plus =)


I have No Idea how it’s now DECEMBER….

578032_457828787587413_1988883184_nI get stuck now and then. Actually, very often. So I need to kick myself and just get moving….

560560_423804901015534_578122533_nAs much as I’d like a great guy and relationship, I want someone who wants a long term relationship and isĀ  going to treat me with care and respect. If someone doesn’t care about how you feel, your well being or respect your thoughts and feelings, you’re doing yourself a disservice.




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