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Making Christmas 10x Better!

Ah Christmas! I love Christmas and any holiday that puts me and most people in a happy mood.
My favorite Christmases are those spent with fresh snow falling and waking up to the slight chill with the scent of pine trees in the air.

It’s one of those beautiful things in life.
I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season.

What makes Christmas even better is …

1. Having someone to light up my life
Brings a whole new delectable meaning to “Light up my Life”

I'll Light Up Your Life

I’ll Light Up Your Life Baby…

2. A Good Reason to Kiss the Guy You Like


You’re not going to mess with tradition, are you?

Carry Mistletoe in your bag for the entire month of December.
Whenever you see a cute guy or the guy you’ve had a crush on for months, whip out the Mistletoe immediately, Hold it above your head.
Look at him innocently and say “Tradition calls for it….”
Look at the mistletoe and raise your shoulders in a “I can’t do anything about it…” manner
Hope he leans in to kiss you and TA-DA.
Magic moment kiss!!! (Hopefully it’s good. If not, you can cross out the crush and move on.)

3. You have 12 Days to Celebrate Christmas!!

If you’ve been celebrating Christmas for just one day, I hate to break it to you that you’re doing it all wrong.
Most people have forgotten Christmas is a 12 day holiday celebration!!

12 days of feasting, drinking, celebration, presents to self and pure happiness!!
Which means you should be celebrating from Dec 25 to Jan 5 EVERY YEAR!

I’m still waiting for someone to gift me those 3 french hens and 12 golden rings….

Three French Hens

These are some Stylish French Hens. Clearly not for Eating!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!
Share what you love about the holidays and I’m sending everyone holiday cheer and happiness!


Halloween Pumpkin Fun!

BOO! Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat ya all!

I’m back! Was away from awhile and unable to post due to a crazy schedule and unreliable internet connection.

I’m back and will posting again!

What’s everyone’s costumes and plans for Halloween?

I love the scary houses and seeing adults and kids dressed up to trick or treat!

Here’s some Halloween Pumpkin for you to enjoy!
As you walk around tonight trick or treating, bear in mind…

Halloween , pumpkin, carving, faces

You’re Never Alone…

halloween , pumpkin, carving, dog, faces

Take your furry friend along…

Halloween, pumpkin, carving, cat, tree

Just hope the dogs don’t try to catch the cat in the tree…

intricate, amazing, pumpkin, carving, art, Van gogh, halloween, pumpkin , carving

Look up into the sky & admire the night!

Supporting Made in America Products for Christmas & Everyday!

abc_mia_chistmas_logo_jp_112811_wblogI’m sure many of you are busy buying Christmas and holiday presents. Help support the American companies and manufacturers and I reach out to all of you to buy and use as much Made in America products as you can this holiday and in your daily lives.

Firstly, you know you’re getting a well made, high quality product.

Secondly, if you just spend $64 on a Made in America item, you’ll be helping 200,000 jobs. And even if you’re spending less, every little bit counts.

ABC and Diane Sawyer have started the Made in America Drive. You can read more about it hereĀ  and watch the short video from abcnews.

Honestly, I love it when I pick up an item and it says Made in America. One of my favorite clothing brands, Rag & Bone is Made in America (North Carolina) and I keep supporting them for that. For some items, it gives me a peace of mind to know it is a quality product in compliance with safety and health guidelines.

Take my recent search for a quality tumbler that I can carry my tea and coffee around in. I’m finding alot of Made in China items. I used one previously and my mom and good friend were aghast when I was showing signs of metal poisoning. I never got tested for it but when I started to research the lethal effects of poorly made metal and plastic tumblers, I got scared using these questionable items from a country without health and safety oversights.

I then read an article from Pyrex that said they basically could not afford to manufacture a tumbler because it would cost a multiple of making one in China and consumers wouldn’t pay for them. You know what? After this health scare, I would pay more to buy one from Pyrex! Let’s support these companies so they can keep on making quality products and stay in business and keep the towns across the country thriving.

So support the American companies and factories this holiday season and try to do so in your daily lives!

It’s as simple as flipping the tag to see if it’s Made in America.
Here are some resources for finding Made in America products
Find American products and companies by state
Items by category from the 2011 pledge

Additional sites that compile American Made products.

Please share and reblog this post or share the links with your friends and family!

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