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When Things are Rough, Look for Cute

Cute animals, big doggy smiles make me feel better.
Not enough to alleviate my stress but some Cute is better than no Cute.

So here’s your BIG Smile and Cute for the Day!

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Common Smile Don’t We Look Like a Cute Couple?


Got Milk?

dog, cute dog pics, got milk, Milk Ambassador

Can’t think of a more convincing Milk Ambassador

Happy Floating By!

Take Duck as a good example.
Duck is bright yellow with big black eyes and a happy smile (inferred).

It’s hard not to squeal and smile seeing the giant bright yellow duck floating along.
It’s comforting and brings warm happy thoughts (to most people). If you’re having a bad day, watching Duck float by will probably put you in a better mood and bring a smile to your face. That’s comfort. That’s the healing and beauty of art.

Art, in many forms, transcends cultures, languages, age, gender. That’s the beauty of art.
It warms the heart and brings together those of us who appreciate and love a piece of art.
It gives us something in common and unites us by bringing us together.

People might debate if this is really art, how creative is it to blow up something in the bathroom etc etc etc.
Art can be simple and easy to appreciate. What’s the point if something is so complex that only a few people can relate to it?

My point is, sometimes, it just needs to be as simple as something that people can enjoy.

Duck floating by at Victoria Habour against the sky scrapper backdrop of HK Island

Duck floating by at Victoria Habour against the sky scrapper backdrop of HK Island

Duck by Florentijn Hofman is currently making its way around HK as part of its global tour and was previously in Sydney. Hofman’s whimsical, contemporary public art works makes me think of Jeff Koon’s pieces, an artist whose works I enjoy very much. Duck  London

At 16.5m, Duck is 5 storeys tall, and the bright cheerful sight is easy for anyone to enjoy. As Hofman expresses, “The Rubber Duck knows no frontiers, it doesn’t discriminate people and doesn’t have a political connotation. The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has healing properties: it can relieve mondial tensions as well as define them.”

Yes, it brings a smile to my face. It makes people laugh, giggle, and smile. It’s healing alright. And you didn’t even need weed or prescription meds or junk food. Just a giant bright yellow duck floating along =)

Duck against the smoky air of HK and tightly packed apartments. It dwarfs the tugboat!

Duck against the smoky air of HK and tightly packed apartments. It dwarfs the tugboat!

It is however also a stark contrast against the grainy, smoky backdrop of certain parts of HK.
Therein, again, lies the beauty in an art piece as simple as this. The contrast highlights the cramped living conditions and polluted air of HK. Art is how you look at it. It’s about enjoying it, it’s about drawing you to think about the piece and its surrounding.

Have a bright, sunny day ahead!

My Suitor

Hello, I’m SO SORRY I’ve been MIA. I’ll post another post about why I haven’t been posting.

Let’s get to the fun conversation I had yesterday.

As the title post suggests, my suitor came calling yesterday ….
Side note: It sounds romantic right? =) Why doesn’t anyone speak/write this way anymore?
No one uses “My suitor” or “came calling”.
Now it’s “this guy” “texted me” or “hung out with me”. So unromantic and unclear…

Back to the conversation with my friend…

Me: My suitor came calling yesterday…
Friend: Hope you didn’t pick up the phone after THAT date…

Me: uhrm no, it was a different suitor. He came hopping into my living room more precisely…

Friend: Frogs do NOT count as suitors!!

Me: He’s NOT a frog!! He’s a PRINCE!! We just haven’t kissed yet!!!

Friend: How have things turned out this way?  *sighs*

Me: I don’t know. But at least I have a persistent suitor….

I tell you, He's a PRINCE!!! Not simply a frog!

I tell you, He’s a PRINCE!!! Not simply a frog!

Said suitor, takes the form of a young frog. I maintain He’s a Prince. Wait till we kiss!!

He often comes around and sometimes decides to hop into my living room. Since this has occurred multiple times, I consider him a persistent, dedicated suitor…. I’ve yet to get a good picture of him and will post it once I get a good one.

He’s very dark green and he only comes over at night (I know, sketchy right?) so it’s hard to get a good, clear picture.

As this post alluded to, I had a date recently… and it was, well, interesting ….

That’s another post to entertain all of you…. Might as well get a good laugh out of these less than stellar dates!

So I owe you many posts. 1. Why I’ve been MIA    2. The recent date.

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