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Because Croissant doesn’t have enough butter …

I typed this post Twice. and when I saved it, it got deleted Completely! TWICE!


Here we go again!

I have a soft spot for croissant.
Especially freshly baked croissant with its unmistakable aroma and alluring call saying “Have me! I’m perfectly warm, flaky, and buttery!”

I walked into a new cafe this morning and the lovely smell of baking croissant hit me the moment I opened the door.
It was a little expensive for factory dough croissant (the kind that comes in a slab and you pinch it out and roll it and leave it in the oven to bake.)
But the aroma was too much for me. I HAD to have a croissant.

I pointed out to the girl the single croissant sitting on the baking tray she just took out from the oven.
It was calling out my name.

I was surprised by what I got ….

Because there ISN'T enough butter in croissant. They thought my heart needed MORE butter...

Because there ISN’T enough butter in croissant. They thought my heart needed MORE butter…

There’s PLENTY of butter that goes into croissant, which is why it’s fragrant, flaky, and buttery.
So, to serve it was butter is like being served Cream of Mushroom soup with a side cup of Full Cream just in case there isn’t enough cream in the soup…

For 3 seconds, my good and evil self debated whether I should do the right thing and return the butter.

But, salted butter… Oh! Another weak spot…. Yes, I have many many weak spots….

Unfortunately for my arteries, My evil self won and I spread the salted butter onto the warm, crisp, flaky croissant.

4 bites later, the croissant was gone, half the salted butter was used and I was a happy (but guilty and fatter) person.

But to start the day with croissant? Oh such joy!

I hope everyone’s having something good to kick start your day. Share what it is that makes you happy to start your day with!


And Why I Bake A Lot Less…

I like baking and I LOVE desserts! =)

I used to bake often but in the last five years, I hardly bake for 2 reasons.

1. I hate cleaning up the slick, buttery mixing bowls, whisks, and tools
2. Reading the recipe and seeing the mountains of butter, sugar and cream in it makes me lose my appetite

So, I like Sticky Toffee pudding but I’ve never made it. Having had a Sticky Toffee Cupcake, I contemplated baking a Sticky Toffee pudding for Thanksgiving in addition to my pie.

I googled the recipe and the pudding and sauce had A LOT of butter sugar and cream and made me go Ewwww

I try to regulate the amount of sugar, butter and cream I take given that my metabolism is slowing down with each passing year and my body seems to think I need to store more fat. =P

When I think of how much sugar is in a brownie or cake, I just can’t eat it.
However the value of denial is that I’ll eat some other dessert that I’ve bought outside because I did not have to see the bowls of sugar that went into the dessert.

Yes. Total denial.

Sugar is bad. SugarĀ  aggravates acne, causes your skin to age faster by breaking down your collagen and elastin fast. Collagen and elastin makes your skin firm and taut.So more rapid degeneration of collagen and elastin will make your skin drier and lines and wrinkles appear faster and deeper. Sugar also increases the likelihood of cellulite.

So not a good thing AT ALL if you’re concerned about your skin and preserving your youth.

The process of sugar breaking down your connective tissue is called Gylcation and forms AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products) if you want to research this further.

When I was younger, I was NOT aware of the negative impact of sugar on my skin and agingĀ  and I ate a lot of sugary foods including desserts, ice cream, boxes of Oreos (OMG!!!) and too much sweet food and junk food in general. I wish I ate less of all that crap!

Additionally, sugar can also cause inflammation in your body (which you may not know about), lead to medical problems and most obviously, diabetes.

So yup. That’s why I bake less these days (although I still eat a lot of dessert!) and a good note to watch your sugar intake =)

Wishing you youthful skin always =)

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