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Kitchen Advice

Kitchen Advice:
1. Do not take a nap while cooking/baking
2. Do not surf the ‘net while cooking/baking. A 1 minute video will lead to 30 videos…
3. Do not write your blog while you are baking something in an oven you are using for the first time.
*runs off to check on pie*

And how do you think I know this… 😉


Someone who fights for you and your relationship

Last week, I attended the wedding of a long time friend. They’re a gorgeous, wonderful couple – lots of spunk and humor! Listening to their dedications to each other, the stories from their friends, a thought hit me:

You know, dating in search of love shouldn’t be this hard and agonizing.

There really isn’t much to decode and decipher.

If he’s really attracted to you and mature enough to be looking for a real, long term relationship, he’ll call and be dependable. Not disappear for weeks, casually forget you were suppose to have dinner.

So every time I find myself thinking “why hasn’t so and so called???” and angst about it, I’m just going to shrug it off and realize it’s not the right one and move along without tearing myself up no matter how much I may like the guy.

I know what I’m about, I have a lot to give to the right person who feels the same.
It’s about finding someone who will fight for me and our relationship.

Realize all that you are and all the things you have to give to someone.
Know that you are worth fighting for!

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