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New Mila Kunis Engagement Ring Photos! Close Ups!

There was the first time she wore her engagement ring out

Now Here’s New Updated Pics as Mila Kunis Flashes her ring at the Pelicans Game at Staples Centre

Mila Kunis Proudly Wearing Her Engagement Ring Watching the Pelicans Game with Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis Proudly Wearing Her Engagement Ring Watching the Pelicans Game with Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis, Engagement Ring, Update, Close up
 Close UP!
Close up shot from the Side View
Close up shot from the Side View

You can hide your face Mila, Just show us the RING!!
You can hide your face Mila, Just show us the RING!!
Let's zoom in on Mila Kunis' Engagement Ring

Let’s zoom in on Mila Kunis’ Engagement Ring

Mila Kunis studying the game with a serious look as we study her ring.
Completely comfortable wearing the ring, she’s no longer trying to hide it.

Mila Kunis studying the game while we study her Ring. No Longer Hiding her Engagement Ring

Mila Kunis studying the game while we study her Ring. No Longer Hiding her Engagement Ring

Can somebody shoot a HD pic of that ring!

Mila Kunis Engagement Ring Close Up! Engaged to Ashton Kutcher!

We’ve been waiting for it

It was bound to happen…

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged!!!

And of course, let’s see Mila Kunis’ engagement ring…

She’s been spotted wearing her ring over the last 12 hours.
The engagement ring has a classic setting that is simple and elegant.
The design features a (very) large oval diamond and a simple platinum band.
The oval diamond is easily over 8 carats and probably 10 – 12 carats.

Wearing Her New Engagement Ring from Ashton Kutcher! , engaged, mila kunis

Wearing Her New Engagement Ring from Ashton Kutcher!

Mila Kunis - Sparkling Engagement Ring, engaged, ashton kutcher , front view , clear

Mila Kunis – Sparkling Engagement Ring – Front View!

And now for the Close Ups of the Engagement Ring spotted on Mila Kunis!

Mila Kunis Classic Engagement Ring Close Up , engaged , ashton kutcher

Mila Kunis Classic Engagement Ring Close Up

Close Up of Mila Kunis' Oval Diamond Classic Setting Engagement Ring , engaged, ashton kutcher

Close Up of Mila Kunis’ Oval Diamond Classic Setting Engagement Ring

Side View of Mila Kunis Engagement Ring , engaged

Side View of Mila Kunis Engagement Ring

Her classic ring is similar to this…
Her band is flatter and thinner and may have some diamonds on it.

An engagement ring similar to Mila Kunis

An engagement ring similar to Mila Kunis

Expect the wedding to be soon! They are eager to wed and have kids together.
Now that Ashton Kutcher’s divorce from Demi Moore is finalized, Ashton and Mila can speed up wedding plans!

They moved in together almost a year ago, in February 2013 and have been happily living together in Hollywood Hills. Their $10.8 million home is over 9,000 sq ft with an amazing view

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's Gorgeous Home with a Breathtaking View

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Gorgeous Home with a Breathtaking View

Congrats to the young lovely couple!
We can’t wait for more pictures of Mila Kunis’ engagement ring and details on the wedding!

Making Christmas 10x Better!

Ah Christmas! I love Christmas and any holiday that puts me and most people in a happy mood.
My favorite Christmases are those spent with fresh snow falling and waking up to the slight chill with the scent of pine trees in the air.

It’s one of those beautiful things in life.
I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season.

What makes Christmas even better is …

1. Having someone to light up my life
Brings a whole new delectable meaning to “Light up my Life”

I'll Light Up Your Life

I’ll Light Up Your Life Baby…

2. A Good Reason to Kiss the Guy You Like


You’re not going to mess with tradition, are you?

Carry Mistletoe in your bag for the entire month of December.
Whenever you see a cute guy or the guy you’ve had a crush on for months, whip out the Mistletoe immediately, Hold it above your head.
Look at him innocently and say “Tradition calls for it….”
Look at the mistletoe and raise your shoulders in a “I can’t do anything about it…” manner
Hope he leans in to kiss you and TA-DA.
Magic moment kiss!!! (Hopefully it’s good. If not, you can cross out the crush and move on.)

3. You have 12 Days to Celebrate Christmas!!

If you’ve been celebrating Christmas for just one day, I hate to break it to you that you’re doing it all wrong.
Most people have forgotten Christmas is a 12 day holiday celebration!!

12 days of feasting, drinking, celebration, presents to self and pure happiness!!
Which means you should be celebrating from Dec 25 to Jan 5 EVERY YEAR!

I’m still waiting for someone to gift me those 3 french hens and 12 golden rings….

Three French Hens

These are some Stylish French Hens. Clearly not for Eating!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season!
Share what you love about the holidays and I’m sending everyone holiday cheer and happiness!

Scarlett Johansson ScarJo & Katie Couric Engagement Ring Close Ups!

As I made it clear previously, I suggest focusing on beautiful Scarlett ScarJo instead of her ring.
But I’m sure some of you REALLY want to see the ring in detail.
It features a 3 large diamonds in a row.

So here it is. This is a good photo because you can admire her beautiful cleavage and ring at the same time. We are all winners!

Her Art Deco Ring close up and her gorgeous self and the twin gems...

Her Art Deco Ring close up and her gorgeous self and her twin gems…

A Clear Look at ScarJo's Art Deco Engagement Ring

A Clear Look at ScarJo’s Art Deco Engagement Ring

This engagement ring is much different from her previous ring from Ryan Reynolds, which was a simple round diamond approximately 3 carat in size. Which do you prefer?

ScarJo's simple classic engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds

ScarJo’s simple classic engagement ring from Ryan Reynolds

The other newly engaged celebrity is Katie Couric who spotted a cushion cut diamond (square with rounded edges) surrounded by smaller diamonds. A fairly traditional design.

A stunning ring up close

A stunning ring up close

Katie Couric and fiance John Molner being playful. Maybe he offered to get her a small ring to minimize the attention. Haha!

Katie Couric and fiance John Molner in a playful moment at the US Open

Katie Couric and fiance John Molner in a playful moment at the US Open

Scarlett Johansson’s Engaged! Foget the ring, Admire her cleavage!! Celebrity Engagements! Katie Couric & Mila Kunis too!

In celebrity news and gossip because hey don’t we all love being in the know & escaping our lives just for a little bit?

Well, ScarJo Scarlett Johansson is engaged after a 9 month relationship with Journalist Romain Czydxud(ok that’s not really his last name, it’s one of those difficult to remember or pronounce so what’s the difference really?).

ScarJo's unique Art Deco Engagement Ring with 3 Large Diamons in the middle

ScarJo’s unique Art Deco Engagement Ring with 3 Large Diamonds in the middle

Everyone’s trying to blow up pictures of her hand to get a close up of her engagement ring.
It’s a unique art deco ring with 3 large stones in the middle.
Ok. Fine. I love shiny baubles and diamonds and rings.
Let’s cut to the star.

ScarJo's Engaged. Yeah Yeah. Let's focus on her beautiful cleavage. Oh My!

ScarJo’s Engaged. Yeah Yeah. Let’s focus on her beautiful cleavage. Oh My! Can’t Take my Eyes Off….

LOOK at her gorgeous , amazing cleavage!!!
THAT’s what’s important!! OMG. Holy Amazing Cow Duck Dragon!
Oggle away… at ScarJo … or her ring…
Hey, I can appreciate beauty, aesthetics, and cleavage as much as the next guy or girl.

You can keep staring at that picture. You do not have to read on.
I wouldn’t hold it against you. I understand. FULLY.

Other celebrities have engagement news too!

Katie Couric has found love again after the loss of her first husband to cancer in 1998.
She’s Newly engaged to banker John Molner.
I’ve loved her shows especially during the time she hosted Today.
Happy for her she found love again!

Katie Couric happy in love again

Katie Couric happy in love again!

The glamorous couple on the red carpet looking like a good match!

The glamorous couple on the red carpet looking like a good match!

You can oggle at detailed, close up pics of Scarlett Johansson’s and Katie Couric’s rings

Lastly, there’s hot speculation long time friends and former co-stars Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are now engaged.
Dating since April 2012, Mila was recently spotted with a simple gold band on her fourth finger while out buying flowers.
In any case, it’s a matter of time before they make it official

Gold band spotted on her 4th Finger. Is she quietly engaged or even married to Ashton?

Gold band spotted on her 4th Finger. Is she quietly engaged or even married to Ashton?

As they say, Good things comes in threes, except for ScarJo’s cleavage.
ScarJo, Katie, Mila. 3 Hot Successful Celebrities Engaged at the same time.
Love must be in the air!

Love Your Ankle Day

I didn’t write for a month (or more) back in December and I promised to write about that.

Well, NOW I’m (finally) getting to it.

Part of it was due to a freak injury.
I was happily walking in flat shoes when suddenly my ankle gave way and just bent inward.

I ended up in Physiotherapy for an additional body part (my ankle) and it just hurt and ached for a whole month.
It usually isn’t this temperamental.

It wasn’t my first ankle injury.

I’ve had ankle injuries over the years which makes it worse because my ankle gets weaker and weaker and more prone to more injuries.

It’s gotten so bad that these days, these freak injuries happen for no reason, such as the situation mentioned above.

Fast forward to today, June 28 and my ankle has been aching and not getting back to its normal self.
I stopped my Physiotherapy 2 weeks after my injury. Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t go to the gym to strengthen my ankle…
but I DID stick to doctor’s orders and only wear flats till my ankle got better.

It evidently hasn’t gotten better =(

In fact it was throwing a fit yesterday. I looked at my foot and realized there was a light bruise across the entire front of my foot. >GASP<. This is not good. It’s bad!!!
If there’s a bruise, that means some capillaries or veins have broken and the blood is leaked, thus forming a bruise.
(I’m sure “leak” is not the right term but I’m not a doctor so don’t sue me…)

I tried to take a picture of the bruise rainbow across my foot but it didn’t show well in the pics.

So here’s what it kind of looks like to give you an idea.

What the bruise across my foot looks like.  Thankfully, my foot isn't severed like this one.What the bruise across my foot looks like.
Thankfully, my foot isn’t severed like this.

Let me take some questions here from the audience…

Yes, that is the approximate location of the rainbow bruise
No, the bruise isn’t in rainbow colors. I call it that because of the shape across my foot.
No that is not my foot.
No, my foot is thankfully still attached to me and the rest of my leg/body.

When I went back to my Physiotherapy and she pressed it, my ankle hurt like hell. I was yelling softly the whole time only because i was trying to avoid scaring all the other patients which might have gotten me banned from her clinic and I like her.

So I’m stuck with a messed up ankle that refuses to get better and I can’t wear heels!!

ARGH. The Indignity of that!!

I miss wearing heels. I feel taller and sexy in them.
Wearing flats, I feel like I’m a withering prune shuffling around.
There’s something about heels that makes feel sensual and more attractive even if heels ARE a killer and hurt my feet many times.

I have many stories of the countless situations where I wore very pretty heels but my feet were killing me.
I’ll save that for another time.
I’ll share the gist of how most of those conversations went with my dates after we were dating for awhile.

Me: ahhhh my feet are so. painful. Let’s walk slowly…

Guy: WHY did you wear those heels?

Me: Because they’re beautiful and they make me look good. AHh ahh. walk slower! Slower!

Guy: Sure, that makes total sense… *shakes head*

Hot Heels that hurt like hellHot Heels that hurt like hell

And so, in closing, appreciate your ankle.

Think of all it’s done for you and how it carries you all day.
For you girls, wear hot sexy heels and smile at your ankle in thanks while I shuffle in flats.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be hoping for my ankle to get better and I leave you with a bad ankle inspired haiku…

Ankle Friday Haiku

Stuck only in flats,
Drats, missing my sexy heels,
Four inches no less.

#haikuanalysis #messedupankle

Wishing you a Happy Ankle Friday!

ps: As I was about to hit Publish, I felt a dull poking pain at my ankle. and I’m sitting!

Met Gala 2013 – “PUNK: Chaos to Couture”

The annual Met Gala is the highlight of fashion where designers, celebrities, and socialites get a chance to put their creativity and fashion to full force to create dramatic red carpet outfits.

Every year, the Met Gala shows off breathtaking, beautifully crafted gowns surrounding a theme. This year’s theme ” PUNK: Chaos to Couture” was a departure from previous themes where designers and invitees could don generally elegant, couture gowns. The PUNK theme threw many into disarray. Most of these celebrities and socialites do not dress in the style of punk. Nope, they are vying to be the most beautiful and are used to looking like princesses.

We found out who embraced adventure with the PUNK theme while others limped out, too afraid of not looking beautiful! Celebrities like Heidi Klum, Uma Thurman, Renee Zellweger gave up on the theme and went for the typical glamorous celebrity look. They and their gowns were beautiful, but there certainly was no punk! Couldn’t you just take a risk for ONE night and try a different style??? Isn’t that what fashion is about!!!

Met 20134Stars like Madonna, Nicole Richie, Elle Fanning were so fully committed to the theme and carried it off without worrying if they were beautiful. It was great!  There were so many stars wearing Givenchy / Tisci outfits that it seemed Givenchy was trying too hard to get press coverage to promote their brand. The allure of dressing just a few stars was lost with Givenchy.Met 2013 1b TextSarah Jessica Parker, ever the style queen, pulled off an amazing ensemble in the punk mood in a Giles Deacon gown, Philips Treacy hat, and knee high Christian Louboutin boots. Her lace underwear was exposed as she walked up the stairs, maybe people should stop calling it a wardrobe malfunction and see it as part of her Punk outfit! It completely matched her look!

SJP Rocks in Punk Couture Gown!  Giles Deacon gown, Philip Treacy hat, Louboutin Boots

SJP Rocks in Punk Couture Gown! Giles Deacon gown, Philip Treacy hat, Louboutin BootsHere are my favorite outfits from those embraced the adventurous theme of PUNK!

Here are the best outfits from stars who dared to embrace the Punk Couture theme!

Met 2013 1a Text

L to R: Christina Ricci (Vivienne Westwood), Constance Jablon (Wes Gordon), Taylor Swift (J Mendel)

Met 2013 2 Text2L to R: Leslie Mann (J Mendel), Doutzen Kroes (Theyskens), Rooney Mara (Givenchy)

Met 2013 3 Text2L to R: Donatella Versace (Versace), Ashley Greene (Marchesa), The Marchesa designer duo (Marchesa)


Still looking for Gifts? Support Made in America at Major Stores!

Here are some Made in America items at major stores! Spending $67 on products Made in America helps 200,000 jobs!

Wouldn’t you rather get something made with pride and help another family?
Chorus: YES!!!

For more ideas, follow @USAlovelist on Twitter or their website

Nordstrom —

Bloomingdales — – 

J Crew —

Compression ….

Girls, I’m not a grinch by any means. I try to be encouraging and I hate to break it to you but It’s time to let you know the truth.

Compression shorts, compression anything do not magically melt your fat.
Sorry, but that’s the truth.
=(  I know I’m bummed too.

It may squeesh your fat and make you appear slimmer but it doesn’t melt the fat.
and chances are, it’ll make you unable to breathe and render you faint.
I speak from experience.

That’s what compression shorts, girdles, corsets, shaping anything does to me.
I look better in shaping underlayers but only for 10 minutes because I will be unable to breath after 10 minutes, turning blue and gasping for air after 15 mins, and on the verge of passing out after 20 minutes.

While we are on the topic of compression wear, compression shorts do not improve your running time either.

I know I hate this post, it’s like i’m the bearer of bad news. But I figure better to let you all know the truth.
After all, aren’t we all in pursuit of THE TRUTH????
No? Oh. Ok. I didn’t think so actually. It just sounded cool =P

I had to replace my pair of Merrell Vibram track shoes. Very sad and I liked it alot but it seemed to wear out easily. Perhaps because of my move and climate change.
I went back to my old brand, New Balance, and the fit advisor at the store recommended and successfully persuaded me that the right fit was a size bigger than what I usually buy. Gulp.

Taking her as the expert, I went with the bigger size but I’m nervous about it.
I hope I don’t regret this and find it too big after awhile because track shoes are pricey and i do NOT want to spend another $100 in a few months just because this larger size has loosened and gotten too big.

I’m hoping for the best… Any tips or thoughts on track shoe sizing? Do you buy them a whole size bigger than your regular shoe size?? I’m nervous over here….

While we are on the topic of running, I found Raysism’s note very useful and hope you will enjoy it too!

Raysism: I’m a lifelong runner, and along the way I’ve kept a list of things that will and will not help your running that you may find useful:

Will Not Help Your Running:
Compression shorts.
Compression socks.
Garmin GPS watches.
Barefoot running.
$150 Nikes.
Pre-race pasta carbo-loading.
Walk breaks.
Carrying a bunch of water bottles.
Team In Training.

Will Help Your Running:


Finally getting started! YAY!

Hi! I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a long time, probably 5 years to be more exact.

A really good friend had been telling me over the years to “Just GET to it already!! It’s not that hard to blog!”

So I tried with another platform and I would forget about it for months. Not a good way to get readers.
When I switched to wordpress, the technological skills required to use widgets and figuring out placement  was exhausting! AHH!

I just never got to it – you know how it is when you mean to get to something and it somehow falls through the cracks? yeah, this is one of them, like the way I mean to fix the broken plate I dragged back from my trip to Turkey, sell my extra stuff on eBay, and uh, lots of other things…

So here we are finally! YAY! I hope you have fun reading as I share my stories and I’d love to hear yours too!
Please bear with me and the page as I try to get it into the format I want and take time to figure out basic stuff like “Uhrm, wait, you mean readers can’t comment cause I need to put in a comment widget?!?”

I’ll get better — I hope. *gulp*

Hugs and love! (maybe you guys should be sending those to me. I need it!)

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