Inspirations & Reflections

If Only…

Do you have those “If only” moments?

I have plenty of those. If I could find a more stable job. If only I could have a reasonable boss. If I could just meet that right person. If only my supposed best friend didn’t throw me down the track as the oncoming train raced through. If I didn’t have to worry about family. If I could just win the lottery (any prize!) and have more financial security.

If only.

I’m sure you have yours too. Our concerns, our stressors, our worries are all valid.
We all have our own struggles.

I came across this and it warmed my heart.  I am thankful for all the blessings I have.
I hope this brings warmth to your heart too and we will all be happy and well.

Let me know if you liked this video and your “If Only” moments.





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