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In about 6 hours, the light will fade and the weekend to come to a close. I had mixed feelings as I fell asleep on Friday night hopeful I would get a whole list of things done over the weekend to catch up from the week. (everything takes longer than you think it does to get it done) Instead, I haven’t been productive this weekend and none of the to do list items have been worked on. I unconsciously took a break this weekend instead. Well, not exactly unconsciously but I was just tired and felt faint on Sat and decided not to push myself. Time seems to fly by as well. By the time I woke up, had lunch, ran errands, opened the mail, changed the bedding, and *BAM* it was 5pm on Saturday and most of the day, I planned on using to catch up on things, was gone.

I came across this quote and I’m going to work on adopting this attitude. If any of you are going through a difficult or challenging time in your time, I know how tough it is. There are some days you are scared to death, lost at the unkown, paralyzed by the situation. I know. I feel those too. I’m going to work on adopting this attitude and I hope you do too. It isn’t easy, but the key is to keep pushing on. I am working on appreciating what I have and keeping as positive as I can that things will work out.

As a first step to adopting this attitude, I put on a fresh coat of nail polish (bright summer red!), put on a nice outfit and accessories and headed out for dinner.
Being in a challenging situation, dressing up isn’t top on my list. Wearing clean clothes when I walk out the door — Win! But I need to make the most of the days and my life. We all do. I thought to myself, I own the clothes, accessories, makeup I have, I should use it. However difficult, however challenging, I am going to work on living life and making the best of it rain or shine.

What’s that 1 way that helps you or makes you feel you are living your life? It could be as simple as putting on your favorite lipstick or lipbalm or making your favorite cup of tea.




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