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How I’m Feeling Right Now…

Stressed, Frustrated, and Overwhelmed

Excitement to anxiety to Overwhelmed

Excitement to anxiety to Overwhelmed

I’ve been trying to finalize a project agreement.
At this point, I’m frustrated at the new tricks one person in the process keeps throwing into the mix.
I’m tired out and I really do not want to keep discussing new conditions the person throws in.

I’m stressed every time I get a new revision

Fear sets in with the thought ” Uh Oh, i wonder what he’s put into the document this time…”
Which leads to dread

Opening the document is like being fed on by a Vampire you see at the corner of a deserted alley late at night but you walk towards him anyway…

Dark-Alley-iPad-wallpaper-ilikewallpaper_com I opened the document and scrolled through.
I felt instantly drained of all my energy. Bitten by the Vampire.

I just want this to be done and to agree and finalize the terms so everyone can get to the work.
Is that so difficult?

Once you agree on something. Stick to it and don’t keep adding new terms.
It drags things on needlessly and makes you look bad & lack credibility.

Now I’m working up the energy to look through the document and catch the new clauses and address them with the people involved.
Wish me luck and goodness. I need it!



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