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Halloween Pumpkin Fun!

BOO! Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat ya all!

I’m back! Was away from awhile and unable to post due to a crazy schedule and unreliable internet connection.

I’m back and will posting again!

What’s everyone’s costumes and plans for Halloween?

I love the scary houses and seeing adults and kids dressed up to trick or treat!

Here’s some Halloween Pumpkin for you to enjoy!
As you walk around tonight trick or treating, bear in mind…

Halloween , pumpkin, carving, faces

You’re Never Alone…

halloween , pumpkin, carving, dog, faces

Take your furry friend along…

Halloween, pumpkin, carving, cat, tree

Just hope the dogs don’t try to catch the cat in the tree…

intricate, amazing, pumpkin, carving, art, Van gogh, halloween, pumpkin , carving

Look up into the sky & admire the night!



2 thoughts on “Halloween Pumpkin Fun!

  1. Great designs! I love this time of year and it seems like eople are less and less into it.. Thanks for sharing the Halloween cheer!


    Posted by Kathleen Howell (@howelltracks) | October 31, 2013, 10:35 pm
    • Hey Kathleen! Glad you liked it! How was your Halloween? What did you do? I love Halloween too, it’s alot of fun whether it’s dressing up (ok, searching for the costume takes abit of work…) or just walking around the neighborhood looking at the spooky houses in the prime of Fall or going to a park in the night with lots of pumpkins all around. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note, come by again! =) By the way, Saw you tweeted about SOA, I love the show!! omg such an amazing show!


      Posted by SparkaliciousWit | October 31, 2013, 11:06 pm

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