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Call the Guy #Conversations

Friend’s husband: Are you getting married next?

Me: It would help if there was a groom to be in sight…
It would help if I were dating…

Friend’s husband: First you’d have to speak to the guy

Me: Yeah, then he’d have to actually call and ask me out.

AND, continue to ask me out till we get to the point of dating.
Instead of losing interest and disappearing after awhile

Friend’s husband: Call Him

Me: If he’s interested, he’ll know how to call

The last time I took the initiative, the guy ignore my text
The time before last, the guy went AWOL for a whole 9 mths.


The times I took initiative:

He’s Running Away, Literally

Skeptical Hope

Being Ignored



Last 2 times I took initiative  to text a guy, I got ignored. Calling a guy is overrated

Last 2 times I took initiative to text a guy, I got ignored. Calling a guy is overrated. Never Call a Guy. Go eat ice cream.




2 thoughts on “Call the Guy #Conversations

  1. Oh boy, that conversation was one I had many times in my life! I was married later (38) so people did that to me all the time. I am NOT one to be the conversation starter etc. I was relieved that people stopped asking about my personal “dating “life. Then I was widowed at 40, and guess what…it started all over again. Ugh. When are you going to date etc etc. UGH. I was blessed to ignore them all, and when time was right I dated again and met my current hubby.


    Posted by Winnie | September 30, 2013, 11:28 am
    • Hi Winnie! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s heart warming to hear your story. It means there’s hope I will find someone! Sometimes I don’t know if I believe I will meet a guy though. I just don’t believe in making the first move. I figure if the guy is interested he’ll call and know how to keep asking me out and make time for me till we get to the dating stage. Guys I meet tend to disappear… It’s not a promising trend… Thanks for stopping by!! I love your art works on your blog, you’re so creative and talented!


      Posted by SparkaliciousWit | September 30, 2013, 12:52 pm

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