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Remember, You’re Never Alone

I’ve had days, weeks or periods where I’ve been miserable where I felt everything was going wrong

You might know the frustration: some days, I’d wake up and nothing would go right the whole day!
When my coffee machine broke down on an already crappy day,
I felt nothing in my favor. Not even the simplest thing!

Even worse, I often feel completely alone during these crappy times
as I battle and fight to stay afloat with the problems I’m struggling with.

Whenever you’re having a crappy day or week or maybe you’re in a down patch in life right now.
Know that you are not alone.

Jenny started a very simple post that asked, “If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?”
A very simple question.  I thought people would ask for more money, a big house, a nice dress etc.

Instead, most readers opened their souls and the responses were much deeper.
Many asked for better health, to be happier, to be rid of their demons, for their dreams to be fulfilled, for their debts to be cleared.

Reading through the things everyone wished for, I could tell enough about their struggles.
Many of which are health, happiness, unemployment, financial woes.

As I read through their struggles, I recognized in theirs, my own struggles and problems.
The ones that made me feel so isolated and down.

Through this, I somehow felt connected to everyone else who posted. In fact, many of us felt connected.
I didn’t feel alone: there were all these other people with the same problems I had.
It wasn’t just ME. The problem wasn’t ME.

So if you’re having a crappy day or dealing with issues and you feel isolated, know that you are not alone.
There are many of us out there with similar problems.

The beauty of the internet is it allows us to connect to others: To know we are not alone in our struggles,
to find support and love from others even if they are a thousand miles away,
so we can get through the gloom and see the sun.

So, let’s share.    What would you wish for?



3 thoughts on “Remember, You’re Never Alone

  1. I wish I were happier,
    I wish I had less sadness, fewer problems, less pain
    I wish I had more people who loved me
    I wish I found someone I loved who loved me back and would protect from all the storms of this earth,
    I wish I had more true, good friends
    I wish my best friend of 20 years didn’t turn out to be a self centered, selfish person who wouldn’t help me when I needed it

    I wish I could go back and do some things very differently
    I wish I handled some situations much better
    I wish people would be more understanding and forgiving and give me and others a chance to improve our lives

    I wish I were taller with sharper features, a more oval shaped face, deeper set eyes,
    I wish I had bigger boobs and a smaller waist (though I’m quite sure that can be fixed by healthier eating…)

    I wish my career was more fruitful
    I wish I was smarter and had a photographic memory,
    I wish I was brilliant and it would take me a few hours to learn anything,
    I wish I was a gifted musician — where I could play any piece pretty well and could hear a piece of music and know how to play it EXACTLY and compose beautiful music
    I wish I had a beautiful powerhouse voice with depth and range that would sink an army of ships

    I wish I had a trust fund so I wouldn’t have to worry about the bills and insurance payments
    I wish I could help all the needy people and unhappy animals out there
    I wish I could set up a dog and animal sanctuary so they wouldn’t be put to sleep, could get the medical treatment they needed and would know they have a comfortably home and food for the rest of their life
    I wish we’d all stop fighting and try to live harmoniously

    I wish people would stop back stabbing each other, be less greedy and stop focusing on only what they want
    I wish we’d have peace as individuals, as a world
    I wish we’d all be happy ❤


    Posted by SparkaliciousWit | July 9, 2013, 3:46 pm
  2. Sharing does connect… and it’s supportive and healing too.

    Just stopping by from NaBloPoMo.

    Life With Lorelai


    Posted by Life With Lorelai | July 16, 2013, 6:26 pm
    • Hi Lorelai,

      Thanks for stopping by! Sharing is good if the person/people you’re sharing with are supportive. I guess it’s about knowing who to share with and finding supportive friends/people. =) Hope things are good with you over there. Drop a note if you want to share and talk about stuff! =)


      Posted by SparkaliciousWit | July 23, 2013, 12:16 am

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