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Love Your Ankle Day

I didn’t write for a month (or more) back in December and I promised to write about that.

Well, NOW I’m (finally) getting to it.

Part of it was due to a freak injury.
I was happily walking in flat shoes when suddenly my ankle gave way and just bent inward.

I ended up in Physiotherapy for an additional body part (my ankle) and it just hurt and ached for a whole month.
It usually isn’t this temperamental.

It wasn’t my first ankle injury.

I’ve had ankle injuries over the years which makes it worse because my ankle gets weaker and weaker and more prone to more injuries.

It’s gotten so bad that these days, these freak injuries happen for no reason, such as the situation mentioned above.

Fast forward to today, June 28 and my ankle has been aching and not getting back to its normal self.
I stopped my Physiotherapy 2 weeks after my injury. Ok, I’ll admit I didn’t go to the gym to strengthen my ankle…
but I DID stick to doctor’s orders and only wear flats till my ankle got better.

It evidently hasn’t gotten better =(

In fact it was throwing a fit yesterday. I looked at my foot and realized there was a light bruise across the entire front of my foot. >GASP<. This is not good. It’s bad!!!
If there’s a bruise, that means some capillaries or veins have broken and the blood is leaked, thus forming a bruise.
(I’m sure “leak” is not the right term but I’m not a doctor so don’t sue me…)

I tried to take a picture of the bruise rainbow across my foot but it didn’t show well in the pics.

So here’s what it kind of looks like to give you an idea.

What the bruise across my foot looks like.  Thankfully, my foot isn't severed like this one.What the bruise across my foot looks like.
Thankfully, my foot isn’t severed like this.

Let me take some questions here from the audience…

Yes, that is the approximate location of the rainbow bruise
No, the bruise isn’t in rainbow colors. I call it that because of the shape across my foot.
No that is not my foot.
No, my foot is thankfully still attached to me and the rest of my leg/body.

When I went back to my Physiotherapy and she pressed it, my ankle hurt like hell. I was yelling softly the whole time only because i was trying to avoid scaring all the other patients which might have gotten me banned from her clinic and I like her.

So I’m stuck with a messed up ankle that refuses to get better and I can’t wear heels!!

ARGH. The Indignity of that!!

I miss wearing heels. I feel taller and sexy in them.
Wearing flats, I feel like I’m a withering prune shuffling around.
There’s something about heels that makes feel sensual and more attractive even if heels ARE a killer and hurt my feet many times.

I have many stories of the countless situations where I wore very pretty heels but my feet were killing me.
I’ll save that for another time.
I’ll share the gist of how most of those conversations went with my dates after we were dating for awhile.

Me: ahhhh my feet are so. painful. Let’s walk slowly…

Guy: WHY did you wear those heels?

Me: Because they’re beautiful and they make me look good. AHh ahh. walk slower! Slower!

Guy: Sure, that makes total sense… *shakes head*

Hot Heels that hurt like hellHot Heels that hurt like hell

And so, in closing, appreciate your ankle.

Think of all it’s done for you and how it carries you all day.
For you girls, wear hot sexy heels and smile at your ankle in thanks while I shuffle in flats.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be hoping for my ankle to get better and I leave you with a bad ankle inspired haiku…

Ankle Friday Haiku

Stuck only in flats,
Drats, missing my sexy heels,
Four inches no less.

#haikuanalysis #messedupankle

Wishing you a Happy Ankle Friday!

ps: As I was about to hit Publish, I felt a dull poking pain at my ankle. and I’m sitting!



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