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Low on Survival Instincts

Very honestly, I do not have the best survival instincts — unless we’re talking about ball sports where my instinct is to run away from the rapidly speeding ball lest I get hit by it.

Every now and then I inadvertently do things that in hindsight were not a good idea and life threatening to some degree.

So, let’s get to my latest deed.

I was having a chunky fish and vegetable soup and as I scooped it i saw half a fish in it. I figured out I could eat the fish.

Deadly fish soup...

Murderous fish soup…

I took one bite of the fish and felt a bunch of long, fine bones, more than 10 bones. It was one of those super bony fishes. I’m bad with bones and fish in general.

Survival instincts would have dictated I spit it ALL out.

But since I’m low on Vitamin Survival, I tried to separate out the bones in my mouth and threw out the bones and swallowed the rest.

Bad. Idea.

Which only hit me AFTER i swallowed the meat and bones.
This is what happens when you are low on survival instincts.
The obvious is not that clear.

I felt the bones in my throat and tried to cough it out to no avail.
The worse part? I did this once before. I thought there was a bone in the fish meat but figured it was just a hard grain of rice and swallowed it. At which point I realized, UH OH, that WAS a BONE!fish bone

I don’t feel the bone in my throat now but am a little freaked out and hoping nothing bad happens like any tears to my oesophagus or digestive tract.
I sigh at my own stupidity and lack of survival instincts.
This is not good. Assuming you are trying to stay alive.

If anyone has advice on this fish bone swimming around in my digestive system, please leave me a comment or note!

Happy Sunday, Enjoy your day & most importantly, stay alive.



3 thoughts on “Low on Survival Instincts

  1. Oh, goodness! Well, hopefully your body will take care of it and you’ll just get a little extra calcium out the adventure. I had a great aunt who used to really like fish bones (we lived near a lake, and fished almost daily). The trick was that the fish had to be baked so that the bones were brittle and could be chewed into bits. (She really liked the texture, which I remember thinking was weird.) Otherwise they were flexible and a danger. It’s funny how lives and lifestyles change. šŸ™‚


    Posted by Jerimi | June 16, 2013, 2:56 pm
    • Hey Jerimi, wow, I didn’t know you could bake fish bones and chew them to bits! That’s pretty interesting and yeah so true on what’s ok a decade ago can be seen as dangerous with time. So are you good with fishing and eating bony fishes? The good news is I haven’t felt anything being stuck in my throat and I don’t *think* i’m bleeding internally. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope I don’t do anything other stupid things… =)


      Posted by SparkaliciousWit | June 19, 2013, 9:50 am
  2. Hello there! Your works really nice! I’d love if you would check out my blog as well!
    Thanks again! Cheers!


    Posted by nikitabiswal | June 25, 2013, 12:16 pm

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