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That is why I do not have kids, I might end up in Jail or the Psych Ward for Protecting them

In Mommy world, there is apparently an uproar over the redesign of Merida.(who the hell is Merida?!?!)

meridaOk when i glanced at both (prob 2 secs), I didn’t see a marked difference other than a dark blue vs bright blue dress.(yes, clearly some things appeal to me more than others. In this case, clothes. Just like I’m sure a guy would notice redesigned Merida has bigger breasts vs. brighter clothes)
I probably do not notice the many differences because I do not have kids. I am not familiar with Merida.
The only blue childhood hero I am familiar with is Cookie Monster.

I agree it’s an over-sexualized world. Imagine my horror when my 2 year niece danced and started gyrating and thumping her hips. If I had kids, there would be no tv and only Sesame Street on DVD. I’d lock them up at home and keep them from being exposed to all these ideas and images way before they should be.

That way I wouldn’t have to worry about how to explain these things to them, reinforce the important of being a strong woman and building character vs. the world’s obsession about looks, sex appeal, and being thin.

Yeah, and then someone would probably call child services or the welfare department and they’d cart me off to jail or the psych ward for protecting my kids because they would decide it was harmful to lock up the kids and it would be better for the kids to be exposed to the over-sexualized, size 0 obsessed world.
and that is why I do not have kids.

Ok, also, because I do not have a husband.
Not that you need a husband to have kids. I could always go to the sperm bank, adopt, etc.

(some people have have the ability to write short sweet posts. Notice my posts and thoughts kind of have a story of their own. From Disney toys, to kids, to husbands…)

Again. Let’s get back to the main point. If I had kids, I’d probably be sent to jail/psych ward for protecting them from the world & inappropriate media content.  I would like to avoid going to jail or the psych ward….
Read the Bloggess’ thoughts on new Merida.



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