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Not Betting My Life on Gym Goals

So, I said I was going to work on working out more as a way to welcome December

Let’s just say that December is being asked to stay in the corner and probably feeling unwelcome.

I certainly have worked out more — if you consider 1 time in 12 days more than 0 in months…
So. From That angle, I’m meeting my goal….

I went to the gym on Monday, after 30 minutes of stretching, I felt faint (Note: not a good idea to be on a diet and go to the gym at the same time I think). So, my only workout involved 30 minutes of stretching, another much more relaxing 30 minutes in the hot shower, followed by a light meal of turkey meat at 930pm.
Yes that other goal of eating early is so Not happening… Neither is the carb free attempt working out.

Still trying… How about you?



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