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Protecting myself too much?

There was something in the stars yesterday that threw me out of balance…
and well, some truth serum involved…
But it was very uncharacteristic of me….
In the moment, I just gave in to it and told someone how I felt and my apprehensions.
I never, ever thought I would tell it but I did. I guess It didn’t feel as risky with the star alignment & truth serum.

I wonder if I protect myself too much from fear of being hurt so much so that I end up appearing that I do not care about the other person and as  a result, I may have spoilt something here. Now that I’ve come clean with how I feel, I don’t know if it will make the person understand why I act the way I do and if it will make a difference and revive what the person felt. Or if it’s too late. I would probably kick myself.

I took a chance. I don’t know where it goes, but sometimes do we protect ourselves so much that we deprive ourselves of what we want?



2 thoughts on “Protecting myself too much?

  1. Wow, I can so relate to what you said. Just today I was in a situation where I felt so unsure of the truthful answer I gave, I was thinking the same thing – that she thought I didn’t care about her. Thanks for putting yourself out there in this post!


    Posted by apurpledreamer | December 8, 2012, 9:42 pm
    • Hey, Looks like we are both feeling the same and misunderstood! =( How did your situation turn out? Did you talk about it with her? I’m waiting for said person to be around so we can talk about it (i think!?). We’ll see. But thanks for the note, much needed encouragement and cheer me up =)


      Posted by SparkaliciousWit | December 12, 2012, 5:08 am

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