Want to win a $500 Million Trust Fund? Get in on the Powerball!

You know, a $500 Million Trust Fund would be nice. VERY nice.

The Powerball lottery has hit a record $500 million and everyone’s in a frenzy driving across state lines, standing in line to get a ticket or 10. Officials expect to sell more than 105,000 tickets every minute before the drawing or approx. 190 million tickets!!

Hey, try your luck. There’s no harm, other than losing a few dollars.

Speaking of which, did you see the news about the US Government wanting to change dollar bills into COINS?!?! WHAT????
Are they Insane?? Just imagine how heavy your pockets and bags would be!
This is crazy talk, just stick to the dollar bills! It’s our way of life!

Although the strippers would end up getting tipped $5 bills into their bikinis, which is 5x more than $1!
WHoo Hooo!

Back to the Powerball… So ABC News has some advice on improving your odds to be a half a billionaire:

  • Stay away from common lucky numbers like 3, 7 and 11 as well as numbers under 31 because they could be popular calendar dates like birthdays and anniversaries and would mean sharing the jackpot.
  • Quick Picks and personal numbers have the same chance of winning – one in 175 million.
  • The only way to increase the chances of winning the Powerball is to buy more tickets.
  • However, the more people buy tickets, the worse a person’s chances get. (and you can bet there are ALOT of people buying tickets….)
  • Search for lotteries that have smaller jackpots because they cause smaller frenzies.

Read the full article here



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