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Kitchen Adventures! (or Mishaps…)

Along with Thanksgiving comes Sparkalicious Kitchen Madness over here.
Like Kitchen Stadium in Iron Chef except A LOT more chaotic and totally homey.
So far here’s what went down in Sparkalicious Kitchen Madness:

  • I eyed the pie dough recipe suspiciously like a boyfriend who’s entered the door reeking of alcohol with lipstick marks on his neck.
    I asked the recipe calmly “Are you SURE? At FIVE tablespoons of water? That sounds like a lot of water to me…”
  • In another great moment, I lost count of the number of tablespoons of water I’d thrown into the mix… Brilliant.
    I was like “Hmmm was that the fourth or fifth tablespoon?” Pretty ironic considering I was all concerned about the recipe calling for too much water.
  • You know what dough? (HA HA! I can’t resist!) The recipe was right. The dough was too dry and cracky with only 3-4 tablespoons of water.
  • While leaving the dough to chill out in the fridge with the wine and fruits, I happily went to preheat my oven.
    The recipe calls for 425F preheat. GUESS what I discovered? My oven only goes to 250F. cue sound effect. Great. (I recently moved so this is the first time I’m baking)
    update 830am EST:
  • You think that’s bad? (I think that’s bad. I shocked myself!)  10 mins later, I discovered the dial I *think* gives me 250F max is really the timer… Wait for it.
    There is NO temperature dial. It only goes from 1-10.
    Now you can applause for me.
  • So, what do I choose? I chose 10 (the highest setting) to bake the pie base. (Thought Process: clearly this oven isn’t meant for baking, clearly it’s not very strong and a 10 will probably only heat a sandwich…) It was suppose to bake for 15 mins. I came here to write this blog… 10 mins later, I smelled something strange…. The crust edges are slightly burnt.
  • Moral of the story : (because there always is one).
    1. Trust the recipe. Which i’m sure really means trust life, trust the guy, trust the driver , trust (fill in the blanks as relevant to you).
    2. Check the temperature settings before you proceed. Check someone’s mood and emotional range before you try anything like telling your girlfriend you have 3 kids by 3 different women.
    update 830am EST:
    3. Do not write your blog while you are baking something in an oven you are using for the first time.
    *runs off to check on pie*

Revelation: I may have found my blogging niche … unintended disasters and tragedies in the kitchen…. What do you think?

(To be continued….)
Continued… Pics & Proof




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