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PSA for this Holiday Week

For this holiday week of Thanksgiving, I’d like to remind all of you of the importance of enjoying Thanksgiving, being merry, having a feast and keeping in good health.

Which brings me to this very important reminder that red wine, white wine, and all hard liquors are good for your health. –wink– (*when taken in moderation, provided you do not have a messy history with alcohol or addictions)

Drinks are such a difficult decision

The doctor tells it himself….  So have a great thanksgiving with a few drinks!* I’m counting down!!!

“While red wine has a (well-deserved) health halo, the truth is that other forms of alcohol, including white wine and liquor, are also associated with a lower risk of heart disease, Davis says: “Scientists haven’t shown that drinking red wine is better than other forms of alcohol in these long term cohort studies.”

But remember you can only reap those benefits in moderation — that means no more than one drink a day for women and no more than two for men. Beyond that, the risks outweigh any benefits.”

You wanna read more? Go here (it’s not terribly exciting but just in case you thought I made that up…)

note: uh oh. crap. I realized the doctor is a phd doctor journalist. vs. a medical doctor…. I’m working on finding supporting evidence… in the meanwhile, just leave that point out when you repeat the quote to whoever it is you’re trying to convince….



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