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Do not expect to take home “your supposed portion” of a meal after announcing you’d like a break.

I love how Domestic Diva dives straight into the Lasagna Recipe. I would have stuck on the point of “HE’s breaking up with me?!?! We weren’t even together!! Wait, there’s no WE!
I’m gonna sit here and eat that delicious farmers market lasagna (one of my favorites by the way) while he can stare in growing hunger!!

…and He’s breaking up with me???
I (capital 80 pt font) was planning on breaking up with him! I was sparing his feelings!!

Yeah, and it’s not even me. See how ruffled i get? I might be prettier ruffled if I had a beautiful shiny plumage with shimmering green and blue feathers — just like a peacock.

domestic diva, M.D.

There is such a thing as a stupid request.

I was casually dating a guy. He was the sort of guy that was nice enough, but not really my type overall as I was quickly realizing. You know the guys that it would be better to have just been friends as opposed to date? He fell into that category…hence the “casually dating”. I was planning on ending it myself, but I knew he was really stressed with work (so I was barely seeing him anyway) so I figured I’d wait at least a little bit to not add to the stress.

One day, he came over to my house for dinner. I had just made an amazing lasagna with wild mushrooms from my local farmer’s market. I couldn’t wait to eat it.

I didn’t realize there was going to be a slight delay.

He walked in, sat down on…

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