Too Tired to Write… But I’m going to! Sometimes it takes effort

Sometimes even if you like or want to do something, it takes effort.
Have you ever had those times where you feel like you need to summon all your energy to get something not that bad done?

Well, I’ve been working on writing regularly and posting regularly here. It’s been great so far. I enjoy writing and I truly believe it’s a process.

If you want to be a writer, guess what? You gotta keep writing.

I’m having a “I’m too tired to write” bug and what I really want to do is go curl up in bed.
After 30 mins of wrestling with myself and having those common conversations with myself (lonely? It’s never lonely here in my head!) I’ve decided I need to scrap up the effort and write.

So here. I’ve written. Sharing with you what’s going through my mind and the roadblocks I face.
Anyone there have their own “overcome the roadblocks” stories to share?

You know what? I’m going from throwing myself a “I’m TOO TIRED to write!!!” tantrum to writing 3 posts. Yay!
Guess what? It wasn’t so hard to write this and it feels good!

Enjoy your day! Hugs!!



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