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Compression ….

Girls, I’m not a grinch by any means. I try to be encouraging and I hate to break it to you but It’s time to let you know the truth.

Compression shorts, compression anything do not magically melt your fat.
Sorry, but that’s the truth.
=(  I know I’m bummed too.

It may squeesh your fat and make you appear slimmer but it doesn’t melt the fat.
and chances are, it’ll make you unable to breathe and render you faint.
I speak from experience.

That’s what compression shorts, girdles, corsets, shaping anything does to me.
I look better in shaping underlayers but only for 10 minutes because I will be unable to breath after 10 minutes, turning blue and gasping for air after 15 mins, and on the verge of passing out after 20 minutes.

While we are on the topic of compression wear, compression shorts do not improve your running time either.

I know I hate this post, it’s like i’m the bearer of bad news. But I figure better to let you all know the truth.
After all, aren’t we all in pursuit of THE TRUTH????
No? Oh. Ok. I didn’t think so actually. It just sounded cool =P

I had to replace my pair of Merrell Vibram track shoes. Very sad and I liked it alot but it seemed to wear out easily. Perhaps because of my move and climate change.
I went back to my old brand, New Balance, and the fit advisor at the store recommended and successfully persuaded me that the right fit was a size bigger than what I usually buy. Gulp.

Taking her as the expert, I went with the bigger size but I’m nervous about it.
I hope I don’t regret this and find it too big after awhile because track shoes are pricey and i do NOT want to spend another $100 in a few months just because this larger size has loosened and gotten too big.

I’m hoping for the best… Any tips or thoughts on track shoe sizing? Do you buy them a whole size bigger than your regular shoe size?? I’m nervous over here….

While we are on the topic of running, I found Raysism’s note very useful and hope you will enjoy it too!

Raysism: I’m a lifelong runner, and along the way I’ve kept a list of things that will and will not help your running that you may find useful:

Will Not Help Your Running:
Compression shorts.
Compression socks.
Garmin GPS watches.
Barefoot running.
$150 Nikes.
Pre-race pasta carbo-loading.
Walk breaks.
Carrying a bunch of water bottles.
Team In Training.

Will Help Your Running:




2 thoughts on “Compression ….

  1. Lifelong runner (well, jogger) as well and I think your list is hilarious and very accurate. Thanks for posting.


    Posted by Molly B and Me | November 15, 2012, 8:53 am
    • Hey, I’m glad you liked the list 😉 I think wine makes jogging even better! I have a feeling you’ll have this marathon…
      Drink and jog, dress up like it’s Halloween while you’re at it. Looks like alot of fun!

      Your Pork Roast recipe looks delicious!!! By the way, I’m a yoga fan too! I’m in the midst of looking for a studio now so hope to have more on that when i find a home studio!
      Thanks for stopping by! =)


      Posted by bubbleliciousis | November 16, 2012, 11:57 am

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