Snail Cream?!? Placenta Pills?!?!?!

I may be a beauty addict and trying very hard to preserve my youth but there is a limit to  what I’ll do…

The recent beauty rage is Snail Cream and I was happily using the internet when I saw a targeted pop up advert suggestion I buy a lovely pink jar of Snail Cream to brighten my skin and preserve my youth.

No. Thanks. NO SNail Cream! Gross!And then the other thing I’ve been hearing about is Sheep Placenta PIlls. *GASPS*

Apparently it’s got strong anti aging properties. BUT STILL…. NO THANKS!!Some pregnant women also choose placentophagia where they get a Placentologist (i made that up) to grind up their placenta and mix it with herbs so they can in essence, eat their placenta.


January Jones apparently chose to eat her placenta

Can’t say i’m a fan of eating a bloodied placenta even if it’s mine, even if that’s what some animals do.

There is only so much I’ll do for youth and beauty…

Anyone has stories? Share!



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