Thanksgiving — There will be pie!

We’re 11 days away to thanksgiving! Excited?

It’s an American traditional holiday for family and close friends to get together and give thanks over a huge meal that traditionally involves Turkey, Sweet Potatoe, Pumpkin and Pie (possibly together as pumpkin pie).

I just think it’s a good time to be thankful for what we have (rather than moan about the things we do not have) and I usually take this time to thank my friends who have been there for me. Friendship is very dear to me, especially friends who are there for me through the tough times.

If not, it’s just a great reason to EAT! =)

It’s a small affair so I try to keep it simple. I couldn’t get to thanksgiving last year due to a family emergency but this year I’m planning on cooking it. I’ve been pondering on my Thanksgiving menu.

I’m thinking of Cheese Puffs for appetizers (not very traditional but I’ve been craving them!). I first had these at Eleven Madison in NYC years ago. They are deliciously cheesy and light and the trick is to serve them hot. My friends and I had so many of them and they were just delicious! I’m still trying to think of sides but there will definitely be pie! Pie — from scratch! Crust, filling and everything!  It’ll be a berry pie — my favorite! As much as I love apple, pecan, pumpkin and most other pies, berry pies are my favorite by far.

Any great easy to make tasty ideas for sides? What are you looking forward to this Thanksgiving?



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