Massage noises: Wooo owww keeeeha urrrrgh. It’s a good thing I’m a girl

I vocalize a lot when i’m getting massaged.

and, NO!! How could you even THINK THAT??

It’s not out of pleasure, at all. It’s usually out of pain because i often have shoulder and back aches.
Everytime the aches start, i tell myself, “it’ll get better. it’ll go away.”

Of course, it never does.

By the time I get to my massage therapist, i’ve been plagued by worsening pain for weeks and am ready to slice off the offending muscles to release the pulls in all the wrong places.

Every now and then, I get lucky in finding a good physio or sports therapist who can do their ritual and work out my lump-hard, stressed-out muscles and release me from the aches.

Times like now when i’m living in a city where i haven’t quite found one, I go in search of a massage therapist that can help with alleviating the aches. Some are brilliant and gifted; upon the slightest touch, they feel out the culprit and know how to relieve the pain.  Unfortunately, most do nothing for my pain.

It’s been 2 days since my much needed  massage, I’m now aching from the tough beating I got from the therapist — perhaps that’s what makes my original backache seem better…

During the massage, she went “your muscles are completely hard! what did you do??”

me: “You sure that’s not my abs?”

she: “Only if they’re on your back…”

me: silence. no more smart ass comments. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooowowwwwwiiiieeeeeeee

During the massage, I’m usually going “Oh yes, there… ok that aches, press harder…. rub around the area, try to get the muscles to not ache please?” Some massage therapists, especially the chinese ones, have a tendency of pressing into my poor muscles with the strength of cattle which causes me pain and makes me go “Owwww oooooooo ahhhhhh urha ur ur urrrrrr”.

Now these noises and lines would sound highly dubious to the therapist or someone listening outside the room. Hopefully there are no voyeurs, but I’m just saying… So it’s a good thing I’m a girl, if not, my massage therapists might think I’m actually getting some fun out of the session.

I can feel my shoulder blade twitch and the stubborn muscle threatening to go into a fit and pull its puppet strings causing me pain. Sigh.



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