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Living Life

Living Life

In about 6 hours, the light will fade and the weekend to come to a close. I had mixed feelings as I fell asleep on Friday night hopeful I would get a whole list of things done over the weekend to catch up from the week. (everything takes longer than you think it does to … Continue reading


  • theBalm is having a 1 Hour only 50% off sale! 50% off FLASH SALE at on Wednesday, September 25th from 12- 1pm PST! Favorite items: Nude'tude palette Bon Jovi Palette Down Boy Blush Mary Lou Highlighter I haven't tried their new cheek Instain and this is a great time to snag it! 50% of all proceeds will be donated to SMART, a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities to financially disadvantaged students. For more information about SMART, visit Related articles The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer AKA "The Bronzing Bandit" : An Insight ( The Balm Haul (
  • As part of a re-launch of their loyalty program, Beauty Insider, they are encouraging (yes, definitely) you to buy more beauty stuff this week. Beauty Insiders get 2x points. So if you've been trying to get to VIB status, you only need to spend $175 to get there instead of the usual $350. or you get to redeem gifts by spending half the amount! So for 100 pt and 500 pt gifts, you'll only spend $50 and $250 respectively. VIBs get 3x points. Rogue Members, which is their new tier being launched for members who have spent over $1000, get 4x points. So Stock up and Buy away! From 12 - 18 August 2013. If you are buying in the store, mention the secret password "Celebrate BI" They are also launching SUPER gift redemptions if you have 5,000 or 10,000 points. But I doubt most of us have that many =P Go shopping and share what you bought!

Sassy Conversations:

Nurse: Are you sexually active?

Patient: No. I just lie there.

~Nurse Jackie

"If alcohol truly made one feel better or solved problems, there wouldn't be alcoholics" ~ Sparkles

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Scarlett Johansson’s Engaged! Foget the ring, Admire her cleavage!! Celebrity Engagements! Katie Couric & Mila Kunis too!

Clear Details of Scar Jo and Katie Couric's engagement Rings!

New Post – Mila Kunis Engagement Ring Close Up! Engaged to Ashton Kutcher!

Mila Kunis Reveals Her Engagement Ring!

Trending Thoughts in My Head

10 Aug 2013 "Ah I remember the first time I met Smores. At night, under the stars, with lit candles all around. It was romantic.

Until I stuck it over the fire...
and bit my teeth into it... Muahaha.
(As I was writing this, I thought about guys.
I'm not sure why that thought popped into my head because I try not to do that with guys -- I try not to burn them or bite them in any possible way...)

Good for me, Smores? Probably not so.
Happy National Smores Day!"

Random Updates… Always Fun, Never Boring

I'm on Coffee #5. ALREADY. Probably a bad idea.
Mambo #5 is alot more fun and jazzy.

And oh, I have a red swollen ankle, I've named it Randolph after it's cousin Rudolph.

Pictures available upon request.

Or maybe I should reword and use the annonying line of "your pic gets mine"

Though I really don't want pics of anyone's ankle.

Scratch that.
Do not send me pics of your ankles or any body parts!!!


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