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Making Sense of Why the Guy You Love Chose Another Girl

Making Sense of Why the Guy You Love Chose Another Girl

When the Guy I’ve loved chooses to be with another girl, Naturally I’m searching for answers to make sense of it all. What’s the best way to search for answers? GOOGLE. I googled combinations of “Why the guy chose another girl” “Why did he disappear?” “Why did he walked away?” I read through 80, yes … Continue reading


  • theBalm is having a 1 Hour only 50% off sale! 50% off FLASH SALE at on Wednesday, September 25th from 12- 1pm PST! Favorite items: Nude'tude palette Bon Jovi Palette Down Boy Blush Mary Lou Highlighter I haven't tried their new cheek Instain and this is a great time to snag it! 50% of all proceeds will be donated to SMART, a nonprofit organization that provides educational opportunities to financially disadvantaged students. For more information about SMART, visit Related articles The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer AKA "The Bronzing Bandit" : An Insight ( The Balm Haul (
  • Every time I think I'm to write a quick short post, it never turns out that way. I'm not sure if I should post this. See, I started this blog as a place for humorous, fun, and good content. Not to talk about what I'm worrying about or how I feel. But more and more, I feel the draw to post when I'm feeling down, upset, or nervous. I've mixed feelings about this as this isn't what I want the blog to be about While it gives you readers an understanding of what I'm facing and adds to authenticity, I'm not sure how much you all want to read about this and I don't want to bore or annoy people. I'm pretty affected so I'm just going to post about this. (and make it short and sweet) There's something that's going on that's making me nervous and anxious. I'm nervous about how things will turn out and worried if the other person will take my suggestions or insist on theirs. I hope they will be as generous as possible and they will be understanding of me and my situation. But there is always the possibility people will strong arm their way through and have a "Take it or Leave it" attitude. I know worrying about how someone is going to react and feel doesn't solve or improve a situation. But it still impacts me and makes me anxious and nervous because this is important to me. I have a lot of other things to get done in the meanwhile but I'm finding it hard to focus and there's this knot in my stomach. I'm feeling little colorful jumping jelly beans inside me. I promised you it would be short AND SWEET =) Jelly Beans are Sweet. What do you do and how do you cope when you are nervous or anxious? I tried pressing into 2 pressure points on my hand (left edge of the wrist & flesh between the thumb and second finger) but they are not helping to reduce my anxiety about the situation. I'm going to write a letter to the person I'm speaking to about the situation and see if that will help. Updates later. Send me any advice & good wishes that the situation will turn out well for me! Tell me how you feel about these types of post. If the feedback is "Stop posting how you feel, no one cares!", I won't post such topics. Just let me know =) Thanks a million! <3 Related Links 11 Tips to Manage Anxiety (Psych Central) Understanding Brain Anatomy to Lower Anxiety (
  • Zoey says "I want you to really commit to me." My muscles tense up immediately. It makes me nervous. VERY nervous. My instinct is to run. I try to escape but am blocked by a bed, the wall, and Zoey. She wants me to take things to the next level She wants me to believe in her That's the commitment she needs. She tells me not to be afraid of pain. ARE you KIDDING ME?? This is freaking scary. I look down. I see the faded blue carpet. I'm not ready. I don't know if I'll ever be. Maybe someday. Not now, not next week, not even next month. I move my arms as fast as I can in a slow manner, trying not to let on I'm gathering my things to leave. Honestly, she can probably see I'm trying to get away. My bag and jacket in hand, I say "I need some time to think about it" I stand up from the table slowly, "I should go..." She asks gently, knowing she's tipped the balance with her demand, "When am I seeing you again?" I'm just 8 steps from the door. Almost out. I try to act normal, replying ;"I'm not sure of my schedule yet. I'll call you... When I can. Bye" I scurry out. Yeah my alternative medical therapist wants to take things to the next level so she can poke me with needles. She says it will help my ankle heal. Ok ok  fine it's Acupuncture. It's legit. She's certified. But STILL! Do you get your tire punctured on purpose? NO. Does a punctured tire miraculously heal and become newer than it was before? NO. You know why it's called AcuPUNCTURE? Because it involves puncturing my skin with holes (I DON'T care how tiny they are!! They are still Holes!) and maybe even puncturing my organs!! Actually skin is an organ so in effect, YES. It's a practice of puncturing my organ! Thank You but I'll PASS on that. You keep that for yourself honey! I'm scared of needles & I hold off getting injections when I'm sick unless I'm left with no other options. Sharp objects poking into my skin and nerve endings voluntarily? BLURGH now she wants to poke me with MANY sharp objects. HELLO?!? It's not you. It's me. Maybe it's you. Actually, it IS You. You and Your needles. I'm sorry this relationship did not work out..... Related articles My Experiences with Acupuncture ( Why I Stay Away from Electro Acupuncture (for now) ( Understanding Acupuncture (
  • Somehow, I seem to have a neck for getting into conversations that sound questionable and situations that seem dubious … I might as well give some good laughs… (see? wasn’t that questionable?) *********************************************************** Jen: You think he’s shown it to you so you’re on the privileged list. WHO ELSE is he showing it? Maybe he's showing it to everyone else! Me: Hmm. good point Abby (comes in yelling): WHAT is he showing you?!?!! I wanna see too!!! (note: no, it’s not what you think… It just sounds very scandalous =P)
  • Snorting cocaine means you can drink MORE and Party till dawn! That's what the rest of us with tamer habits learned from her interview with Oprah. Here's Lindsay Lohan partying hard, drinking shots with a not so glamorous party face. Check out her interview with Oprah. I wish her luck in her recovery. Related articles Lindsay Lohan's Oprah Interview Did Not Boost Ratings For OWN! ( Lindsay Lohan Lying About Drug Use? ( Lindsay Lohan celebrates her new healthy lifestyle with a cigarette (
  • As part of a re-launch of their loyalty program, Beauty Insider, they are encouraging (yes, definitely) you to buy more beauty stuff this week. Beauty Insiders get 2x points. So if you've been trying to get to VIB status, you only need to spend $175 to get there instead of the usual $350. or you get to redeem gifts by spending half the amount! So for 100 pt and 500 pt gifts, you'll only spend $50 and $250 respectively. VIBs get 3x points. Rogue Members, which is their new tier being launched for members who have spent over $1000, get 4x points. So Stock up and Buy away! From 12 - 18 August 2013. If you are buying in the store, mention the secret password "Celebrate BI" They are also launching SUPER gift redemptions if you have 5,000 or 10,000 points. But I doubt most of us have that many =P Go shopping and share what you bought!

Sassy Conversations:

Nurse: Are you sexually active?

Patient: No. I just lie there.

~Nurse Jackie

"If alcohol truly made one feel better or solved problems, there wouldn't be alcoholics" ~ Sparkles

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Trending Thoughts in My Head

10 Aug 2013 "Ah I remember the first time I met Smores. At night, under the stars, with lit candles all around. It was romantic.

Until I stuck it over the fire...
and bit my teeth into it... Muahaha.
(As I was writing this, I thought about guys.
I'm not sure why that thought popped into my head because I try not to do that with guys -- I try not to burn them or bite them in any possible way...)

Good for me, Smores? Probably not so.
Happy National Smores Day!"

Random Updates… Always Fun, Never Boring

I'm on Coffee #5. ALREADY. Probably a bad idea.
Mambo #5 is alot more fun and jazzy.

And oh, I have a red swollen ankle, I've named it Randolph after it's cousin Rudolph.

Pictures available upon request.

Or maybe I should reword and use the annonying line of "your pic gets mine"

Though I really don't want pics of anyone's ankle.

Scratch that.
Do not send me pics of your ankles or any body parts!!!


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